– a conversation about collaboration in research


Hi there,

according2research is a blog about research collaboration, especially in Europe.

Research lobbyism, research funding, research alliance building and research policy are keywords for what you will read about on these pages.   

About you

I don’t know you. Yet.

But if you are reading this blog I guess you are involved in research and development activities. You might be an active researcher yourself, a research manager, working in a research support function (project coordinator, proposal writer….) or you might be sitting on the ‘other side of the table’ as a policy maker.

What I hope  we have in common is an interest in how we shape and support research collaboration. And like me perhaps you have found that most written reflections on this topic are either in academic papers or in position papers from stakeholder groups.

according2research is trying to be something other than that; a conversation, you might say.


About me

My name is Mattias Andersson.150430_matthias-andersson_300dpi-2-von-2

I am an intellectual historian by training, but have spend a decade working in Brussels to help researchers especially in the natural sciences and engineering promote their research and establish better collaborations across borders.

I guess you could call med a ‘research support operative’.

I believe that research collaboration across disciplines is as important as it can be difficult and that we make better research by helping researchers from different traditions and countries to work together.

Professionally I am a senior adviser at the Department of Wind Energy at DTU – the Technical University of Denmark, but the views expressed here are strictly my own.

Privately I am a married man and father to two kids.

That’s also to say that according2research is written in whatever time is left between my professional and private life – and so the frequency of updates might vary accordingly.

I tweet occasionally and you can find me on LinkedIn as well.